Run Msconfig Utility on Windows 2000

Ever used the msconfig tool on Windows 98? The XP version is even better, allowing a multiplicity of options when it comes to starting Windows. Using msconfig saves you the trouble of digging in the Registry or a half dozen other places for these settings. You can control what programs and services load at startup for diagnostic purposes, as well as settings in the System.ini, Win.ini, and Boot.ini files, but I most often use it to either look for an entry that shouldn’t be there (e.g. a virus) or, more commonly, to turn off some program that insists upon setting itself to load at startup when you install it.

Although Microsoft neglected to include msconfig in Windows 2000, you can run it by copying the files onto your Windows 2000 computer from a Windows XP computer. Copy the msconfig.exe file from C:Windows PCHealth HelpCtr Binaries or C:Winnt PCHealth HelpCtr Binaries – depending on what the Windows system directory is called – to C:WINNT System32 or C:Windows System32 on your Windows 2000 computer. Once you’ve done that, just type msconfig in the Start > Run box or at a command prompt to use it. To get the help file, copy msconfig.chm from either C:Windows Help or C:Winnt Help to C:WINNT Help or C:Windows Help.