Netflix queue via RSS?

Now this is just geeky. Turning your own Netflix queue into an RSS feed? I thought it would never happen, but would appear that someone out there was out to prove me wrong. Check this out folks, a jerry-rigged RSS feed output for John Gray’s own Netflix queue. This is insane! Imagine the amount of time it took to ponder this idea much less implement it!

“Dave Winer and others have asked for Netflix RSS feeds. I grok the argument and Iím all for it, but at this point Iíd settle for some easy way to display my own Netflix queue on my website. I donít know why, I just want to, ok?

So I wrote a bit of code to do it. Just for exercise, I parsed my queue into an RSS file. The feed validator says itís valid RSS, but I donít know if that really makes it valid in spirit. Doesnít really matter, thereís not much to do with an RSS feed of my own queue that I had to generate myself Ė of course, if Netflix would generate it for me, thatíd be a different story.”