Viewing Web Pages In Outlook 2002

Here is a nifty feature of Outlook 2002. Instead of having to open your browser to view a Web site you’ve previously visited, you can open it directly in Outlook. Using the Address Bar in Outlook, you can open a Web page and it will appear right in Outlook. Definitely a simple, quick way to access a Web page.

  1. Within Outlook, make sure the Web toolbar is visible. To do so, click View, point to Toolbars, and select Web (there should be a check beside this option).
  2. Once the Address Bar is visible, click the down arrow and select the Web page that you want to open.
  3. Optionally, you can also type in the URL of the Web site you want to visit.
  4. Press Enter or click the Go button.

The Web page will automatically appear within Outlook. You can return to the previous folder view at any time by pressing the Back button. For example, if your inbox was visible, just press the Back button to return to it.