Mike's Electric Stuff

Over the past century, electricity and electronics have changed the way we live, both by the devices that were invented, and how they were used. We put men on the moon, and movies on a small silver disk. In between there are thousands of other devices that were invented and created. Today’s Family First site features some of the building blocks that made those inventions possible.

The site is called Mike’s Electric Stuff, and is dedicated to the nuts and bolts of basic electronics and electricity. Here you can find out about spark gap and triggered gap tubes, nixie tubes, tesla coils, and neodymium magnets. This site has guided tours of all these items and more. The information here is fascinating, and there’s something for anyone who is interested in how things work and why. Of special interest is the old calculator section where you can view some of the first calculators ever made (that cost as much as some full size computers do today).

This is a great site for techno-geeks and armchair electronic wizards. It is also a valuable resource as a reference for older electronic components.