WiFi in the Pocket

“Following Apple and SMC’s lead, D-Link is releasing a travel-sized Wi-Fi access point, the “Wireless Pocket Router/AP.” Among other tricks, the D-Link DWL-G730AP can receive power over USB, sort of an odd twist that would mean your handy pocket router all the sudden would tie your laptop back into the wall (unless you brought two laptops, natch). Looks decent, all-in-all, and much more attractive than the SMC (and dare I say the AirPort Express?)”

I’m personally a huge fan of wireless, I use it in my house (three Access Points) and I always carry a small access point with me on my travels. Recently, I’ve been thinking of upgrading from my bulky D-Link to something more suitable for travel that also incorporates 802.11g.

It looks like D-Link may finally have hit the mark with this one, though I usually hesitate a while for things that are as crucial to my network as these. If I can hold off a while, I might just be able to save enough for this handy gadget.

FULL ARTICLE via Gizmodo