Audio Feedback

Seems the Neuros is a bit unstable – here’s some feedback from a reader:

My Device:
I use the 30GB Neuros I with a USB 2.0 backpack. The Neuros 2.0 is basically the 1.0 with some extra FM channels and USB2.0 build directly into the Neuros, instead of in the HD backpack. I use the latest firmware and latest link software.

Overall: 4 of 5 stars. Occasional software crashes, excellent features and file compatibility, excellent customer service.

The Bad:
Reliability: The Neuros (not the PC software) suffers from software crashes which require a restart (by holding the play button). This usually happens while navigating the menus, which I do often while listening to songs. I’d say it crashes no more than once every 5 or 6 hours.

FM Broadcasting is weak: The broadcasting of the neuros over FM is weak, and doesn’t reach more than a few feet (10-20). In the car, it has trouble penetrating the metal frame of my car. This is because the FCC limits FM broadcasting strengths. However, you can select any channel between 89.1 and 104.9, so you can usually find a good channel.

The Good:

Easy to use: Both the Neuros and the PC software is easy to use. For instance, you can look up songs in a number of ways, artists, album by artist, song, playlist, genre, etc.

Supports many file formats: The Neuros supports ogg, mp3, wav, wma, and vbr. I mainly use ogg files, and some mp3 files.

Excellent Customer service: Every problem I’ve had was fixed by calling the customer service number, which has always answered the phone instantly (no hold times). Overall, the customer service IS EXCEPTIONAL-does not give you a runaround, speaks english, and knowledgeable. When I ordered the 20GB neuros, it was backordered, so instead of making me wait, they sent me the 30GB model for no extra charge.

Early in the release of the neuros 1.0, Digital Innovations promised their users a firmware upgrade to USB2.0. When it turned out that USB2.0 would require new hardware, they paid for a FREE hardware upgrade for every user that was promised the firmware upgrade to USB 2.0. Just another example of how their customer service stands behind their promises.

I wouldn’t recommend the neuros to people who get frustrated when things don’t “just work” (see also: non-geeks). The device is a little flaky, crashing every few hours, and I have had to call customer service after the firmware update to get it operational again. However, I feel the customer service more than makes up for these glitches. I’ve been very happy with my purchase.

Digital Innovations also has a lot of information in their forums at:

Kyle Tinker