Halo in IMAX

Tired of that skimpy 72 inch plasma screen TV you’ve been using for gaming? Wish there was a way that your games could feature heroes that were bigger than life instead of having to strain your eyes to see those life size characters?

Wish no more.

Cinefour Theatres — in scenic Logan, Utah — recently used four screens to play a multiplayer game of the hit Xbox title, Halo. The theatres charged $60 for teams of four to enter the tournament and $3 per person to watch. So successful was the event that Cinefour even installed 36-inch TVs in the theatre lobby, broadcasting the gameplay. More Halo matches are scheduled for the future and theatre owners expect to continue after Halo 2 is released on November, 9. They are even planning an online tournament between North Logan’s theatre and the nearby theatre in Brigham City, Utah.