Mobile Tech Video Reviews

If you are looking at purchasing a uPC(micro personal computer), subnotebook, small hand held device or just love looking at “cool” mobile technology, a great site with video reviews of several of these units including the popular Sony U70 worth visiting is Kurns & Patrick. Each of these videos are chock full of information on these units that you can’t get from just reading the specifications off of websites alone.

If you are interested in reading more on the Sony U70, James Kendrick has a great review and how he upgraded the U70 to accept the Tablet PC OS on his blog jkOnTheRun. Some other cool sites pertaining to modding and using the u70 are Beyond The Tech, Kemplar U Support Forum, and the Vaio U-70 User’s Group.

Also if you are interested on getting your hands on one of these rare devices the folks at Kurns & Patrick also sell the devices they review, kinda like a mini-tech infomercial. Unless you visit Japan and can convert this system for English use you may also want to check out some other resellers like Dynamism, iCube, Kemplar, or Sonnibee all are vendors that specialize in importing technology made for the foreign market for US customers.