Fuji Readies 16X DVDs

PC World reports that later this year, FujiFilm plans on selling the 16X DVD+R media and double-layer DVD+R media, Man, it seems like just yesterday that we were using DVD burners and were quite content burning at much slower speeds than that.

“The 16X discs offer a write speed advantage over existing discs when used with drives that support writing at 16X. For example, supporting drives can write a complete 4.7GB disc in about six minutes, says Fuji. That shaves about two to three minutes off the time required to write a disc at 8X.

The high-speed discs use an organic dye developed by FujiFilm that was announced earlier this year. The dye improves disc playback quality at speeds between 1X and 16X, is operationally more stable, and is compatible with a wide range of existing hardware, according to Fuji. The company also claims the new organic dye extends the storage lifetime of data to over 100 years at room temperature.”