Playing with Premiums and Puppies

Sorry about the 404s yesterday! You want full content in your Lockergnome newsletters again? Just so you know, I’m planning on returning to our classic model within a couple of months. I ask that you hang in there for a little while longer while we build the mechanism to make it all possible. The time has come for us to start offering a premium version – and with that comes extended privileges. Yes, I’m going to become the editorial director once again – and with that will come several fantastic finds, files, and insights. I haven’t quite settled on a final price, but it’ll probably be in the neighborhood of ~$5 a month (no advertisements, mobile versions, bonus content, incentives, specials, etc.). We’ve got a growing network of resources for you, but part of my plan is to launch Pirillo’s Personal Picks – a daily round-up of incredibly awesome stuff. Don’t balk at the idea before you hear me out, though. I’m working directly with one of our current partners to make it a seamless effort for everybody involved. We’re not there quite yet, but that’s why I wanted to bring it up to you today. Here’s what I’m asking: what would you really want to see from that membership? What’s going to win you over to subscribing to the Premium model?

As promised, I’m ready to start sharing certain details about my personal life with you – as I did in the good ol’ days! Even though my status is officially “divorced,” there’s still a lot of love in the Gnomestead. My soul mate (who you will meet at Gnomedex) keeps my heart and the home very warm. Then there’s Wicket and Pixie, our two puppies. They’re running all over the… hey?! Why don’t you just watch a video of them playing around with the bumble ball tonight? You can easily tell them apart if you look hard enough. Wicket has curly, darker fur – and Pixie has straighter, lighter fur. Wicket is curious and adventurous, whereas Pixie has a more cautious character. They’ve grown a lot since we picked ’em up a couple of months ago (although they still haven’t mastered the art of going outside before they have to “go potty”). Life never slows down around here; we have to replace their collars every other week because they keep chewing through them. We even whipped up a cayenne pepper concoction and coated their favorite chew-spots. Lucky us; we’ve got the only two dogs on the planet who love spicy food. I’m keeping my eye on Dogreader and The Straight Poop for handy tips. Ponzarelli spoils ’em every time she hits the pet store; my li’l fluffernutters have more toys than they know what to do with. Naturally, we only let ’em play with a couple at a time. Oh… oh no. I gotta go. Rather, they do… er, did.