Mortal Kombat gets Unreal

A recent article on TeamXbox unveils some very exciting news about the upcoming addition to the Unreal universe: Unreal Championship 2. In an interesting move by both Midway and Epic, Unreal Championship 2 is combining the genres of first person shooters and fighting games by introducing a crossover between the universes of Unreal and Mortal Kombat.

I admit, at first I didn’t know exactly what to think of this new development. The idea of Mortal Kombat characters running about with a flak cannon just didn’t quite appeal to me. Then I watched the trailer on IGN. This lifted my spirits and I began to see the possibilities of this particular crossover. It’s not exactly the character crossover that piqued my interest. Rather, it is the crossing of 2 separate genres with what appears to be a fairly solid execution. Imagine, blasting foes with your flak cannon while gracefully flipping and jumping about, like the star of a Hong Kong kung fu film, switching from your cannon to a melee weapon, at the very last second, delivering the final and dramatic blow to your opponent. Yes, this scenario made me giddy. Then, of course, there’s also the Skaarj. Oh, how I’d love to be behind those giant, shiny claws of doom, tearing to shreds the flimsy flesh of lesser beings… Then I saw this trailer on I almost peed my pants in excitement. From the looks of these plentiful trailers, Unreal Championship 2 is like Unreal Tournament meeting Jackie Chan and having some sort of brilliantly wicked love child.

All my silly fan boyish ravings aside, if Unreal Championship 2 can live up to the excitement portrayed in these trailers, it is definitely one game that will be on my play list for a while. A successful crossover of melee and ranged combat has been achieved a few times in the past (Heretic II, Jedi Knight I & II and a few others). However, nothing to this scale and complexity has ever really been attempted. If any two powers are capable of pulling off such a feat, it is Epic and Midway.