OCEAN – Open Computation Exchange & Auctioning (or Arbitration) Network Project

OCEAN (Open Computation Exchange & Auctioning (or Arbitration) Network) is a major ongoing project at the University of Florida’s CISE department to develop a fully functional infrastructure supporting the automated, commercial buying and selling of dynamic distributed computing resources over the internet. The idea is that anyone with spare cycles should be able to deploy an OCEAN server which can run other people’s computing tasks for profit, and any developer should be able to easily write a distributed application which any user with a credit card number (or other means of automatic payment) should be able to deploy in distributed fashion using as many suitable OCEAN servers as they can afford to rent for their particular purpose. OCEAN will likely use a distributed, peer-to-peer double-auction mechanism to ensure that jobs are automatically contracted out to the cheapest suitable available bidders, and that OCEAN servers automatically contract themselves out to run the highest-paying available jobs. The OCEAN project had its roots at M.I.T. with a group of MIT and former Stanford students, led by Mike Frank. This has been added to Auction Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog and Grid Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.