Roku SoundBridge Network Music Player – now with Wi-Fi

For those of you that are not familiar with the Roku SoundBridge network music player, it is a device that allows its user to enjoy music from just about any room in the house. Well apparently Roku has opted to offer their customers a little something special. They will be shipping all of the SoundBridge Models with Wi-Fi capabilities.

Roku SoundBridge, the network music player that lets consumers enjoy digital music in any room of the house now ships with free Wi-Fi, formerly a $50 option. Roku SoundBridge is the stylish network music player that streams digital music and Internet radio anywhere in the home, from any computer, to powered speakers or a stereo system. SoundBridge features a bright, vacuum florescent display and an ergonomic remote control, so consumers can conveniently play digital music, change songs, look for new artists or create playlists, from the comfort of a chair or couch without having to touch their computers.