SP2 May Spell Trouble for Agentless Patching

“Microsoft Corp.’s Windows XP Service Pack 2 has thrown patch management vendors into a tizzy. IT managers should be interested because, in an ironic twist, SP2 will likely make it harder to keep desktops and laptops up-to-date with the latest patches.

The chief cause of the patching dilemma is the new Windows Firewall, which will be installed by default when desktop and laptop systems get SP2 through Microsoft’s widely used update mechanisms. eWEEK Labs advises IT managers to factor Windows Firewall into their patch management best practices to avoid a patch meltdown—possibly one along the lines of the trouble expected with Y2K.”

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If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. I’m starting to think that John Dvorak is right about Microsoft using SP-2 to break things. Uh, wait… Didn’t *I* say tht first? Hmm… For all the gory details, you’ll have to visit the Lockergnome forums and check out the action!