First Linux Phone, the e2800+, To Make It Stateside

They might edge out Motorolaís A780 for the title of ďFirst Linux Smartphone in the USĒ, but thereís nothing too impressive about the specson Shanghai firm e28ís new e2800+ Linuxphone (dual-band 900/1800MHz, GPRS/CSD support, VGA camera, QVGA 64K color display, USB1.1, IrDA, 300MHz ARM9 CPU, 32MB of Flash, 64MB RAM, SD/MMC up to 512MB, 3.9 x 2.3 x 1-inch dimensions), but hey, itís a start, right? No word yet on how you can get it to run [email protected] or to obsessively update your kernel to the nightly build. One more thing: we know you canít wait to see Tux pop up on that cellphone boot screen for the first time, but apparently the e2800+ is only going to be available, at least at first, from a small service provider in the Chicago metro area.

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