Blogging for Books

Imagine a writing contest with no entry fee and no materials needed. No paper, envelope, stamps, or form to fill out. It continues for months, and each month you can submit a new entry and have an equal chance (three, actually) of winning. The prizes are books written by the authors who judge the contest. You don’t have to be a published author, but you will be one by the time you enter — because the contest is online and your entry goes into a blog!

“Blogging for Books” is just such a real, live contest. The theme for this month is “Adaptation”. Visit The Zero Boss today for details. The prizes this month are signed copies of Mark Falanga’s The Suburban You, courtesy of Broadway Books. Let’s see some Good Writing!

If you haven’t a blog of your own, email it to Writer’s Edge or visit Georganna’s blog and leave it as a comment.