Star Trek MMORPG in production

Blues News spreads the good word that an MMORPG based in the Star Trek universe is in development by Perpetual Entertainment. A press release has been put up on the Star Trek Online Universe fan site. Surprisingly, at no point do they admit that this game is so completely not inspired by the Star Wars: Galaxies MMORPG, because as everyone knows, Star Trek and Star Wars are two completely different things.

Players will have the opportunity to explore every bare inch of the environments showcased in all the movies and TV series the Star Trek cash cow has squirted out over the years, and take part in all sorts of single and multiplayer missions. None of which really matters, because I’m sure we all know what most people will use the system for: building a character almost exactly like Counsellor Troi, then standing in front of a mirror and slowly undressing. Or perhaps that’s just me.