Disaster Recovery

Given the recent series of storms, disaster recovery is on the minds of a lot of folks. And as Florida prepares for the possibility of a third battering, the topic of disaster recovery couldn’t be more timely. Backing up your data and using battery backup power are only a start. Adequate disaster preparation can go a long way to ease recovery if a disaster should occur. Unfortunately this summer, it’s not should it occur, it’s when

Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? How will you keep your computers up and running, should they survive? What would you do for a backup system, should your primary system(s) be destroyed?

The United States Small Business Admistration (SBA) suggests: “Ask yourself: what if the worst happened? How would it affect my business and my family? Would we survive if the business were closed down for weeks, months, or perhaps my entire revenue season? What can I do to make sure we survive?”

So how does a region get declared as a disaster area?

The SBA’s website explains how disaster declarations are made: “All declaration requests must come from the Governor or authorized representative. The Governor can ask for a Presidential disaster declaration or a Small Business Administration Administrative declaration, depending upon the severity of the disaster. A Presidential declaration makes many Federal and State programs available, including SBA loans. An SBA declaration makes only SBA loans available.” Once the declaration is made, the wheels are set in motion for government-assisted disaster recovery to begin.

I think back to the long gone days when I was a systems manager. We had an honest-to-goodness disaster recovery plan back then (as one might suspect an insurance company should). I backed up my department’s data every single day. And we sent a backup off-site on a periodic basis.

These days, I am my own business. And I confess, I haven’t been diligent about backing up my own data. I don’t have a disaster recovery plan, whatsoever. I haven’t backed up lately. I don’t have a generator, nor any solar power. I don’t even have a Toyota Prius to supply electricity in a pinch.

Time to get it in gear …