Cyber Cafes

Would you like Internet access with that Frappuccino? That’s a question that’s becoming commonplace for visitors of coffee shops. Caffeine isn’t good enough anymore; we have to have our broadband access along with it these days. It’s definitely a nice blend of services, as long as you don’t spill piping hot coffee all over the keyboard. With the recent outbreak of these cyber cafes all over the world, you may wish to see if there’s one in your own locale. Or, perhaps you’re going to be traveling in the very near future and will need to find one of these establishments. Cyber Cafes has a worldwide listing of Internet cafes that you can search through.

The interface is simple and effective. All of the information you would like to know about the cafe is listed, so you know exactly where to go and what to expect. Options are available for those who would like to add or modify their listing with the site. It’s great to find a database that has such a broad scope. Need to find an Internet cafe in Kenya? No problem. As resources like this grow, we’ll have a listing of where we can get connected anywhere in the world – even in Fiji. I suppose that’s an excuse to go, right?