Fun Torturing Sheep

Alright, so the title is a tad disturbing. But the game is meant to be harmless fun. Think of as a harmless way to vent your days anger and frustration perhaps. At any rate, Subsoap has released their new sheep-tasitic game that is sure to make you feel really “baaaaad”. ;o)

Ever get the desire to kill an innocent creature for no reason at all? Neither do we (ahem), but the crew at Subsoap have released a game that is sure to bring out the Peter K├╝rten in us all. Super Sheep Dash allows you to wreck havoc on vast fields of sheep for no particular reason. As you play you’ll be able to set them on fire, blow them up with orbital lasers, turn them into zombies, have them run eachother over with cars, and so much more. The fact that there really is no point to the game shouldn’t get in the way of your frenzied killing.