Movie Review – Man on Fire

I don’t intend to do too many movie reviews however, I can’t help to point out one surprising damn good movie that has gone virtually unnoticed. Man on Fire stars Denzel Washington, Christopher Walken, and Dakota Fanning in a superbly written Tony Scott action film. It was released on DVD today and after seeing it in the theater I told myself that the day it came out I would buy it.

I’ll try not to spoil the plot. Denzel Washington plays an ex special forces “assassin” turned bodyguard of the character played by Dakota Fanning. Christopher Walken has a small but important role as a confidant of Denzel Washington’s. The first part of the movie might seem slow but it shows how a man who had nothing to live for turns into a man who has one thing to live for and that’s the girl he is protecting (played by Dakota Fanning). When Dakota Fanning is kidnapped Washington’s “special forces training” kicks in and turns a good movie into an incredible action flick.

Denzel Washington puts on a performance in Man on Fire that rivals his efforts in Training Day. I would at the very least recommend to everyone on the face of the planet that they rent and watch this movie. If a movie is good enough for me to buy then you know it must be really damn good.

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Get Man on Fire today. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.