Tips On Purchasing A New Computer

I have been asked dozens of times what specs to look for in buying a new computer. It really depends on what you need the PC to do. If you are an
avid gamer, you will need a highly-loaded system with lots of memory to take care of video, sound, etc. If you’re planning on using it for business, then you will need a middle range computer with a DVD-RW or CD-RW drive for backup purposes. The list can
go on forever because there are so many different things a computer could be
used for nowadays.

What most people ask me is what’s the best you can get for a midrange PC –
one that would be good and not too pricey. This is what I recommend to most
everyone that asks me that question:

Middle Range PC

AMD or Intel running about 2 GHz or more 512 MB Memory 40 or higher GB hard drive DVD or CD-RW USB slots Ethernet No Floppy! Instead, use a USB thumb drive (it can store more than a floppy, and it's portable). No dialup modem - unless you don't have broadband 64 MB video card - this will give you a little better quality than just 32 MB cards

The above specs should get you a PC from $500.00 and up. You really do not
have to go with those exact specs, but I would recommend not going below them.
In the next few years or so, the standards will have once again changed and just
using 256 memory or 30 gig drive will be out the door. I know when I
purchased my PC earlier this year I went out for the best computer that
would help me with what I do the best, which is graphic design and Web
design. If you would like to know what I had custom built, feel free to drop
me a line.