Airespace wins IBM deal for Wi-Fi service

ZDNet reports that Silicon Valley start-up Airespace, has won IBM approval to help them with their Wi-Fi endeavors. To be honest, it sounds like a pretty sweet licensing deal to me. The deal allows Airespace to offer their services to as many of IBM’s clients as they wish. Not too shabby.

Wi-Fi, or wireless fidelity, lets users connect to the Internet or other networks without cumbersome cables by using short-range signals. The market is dominated by San Jose, Calif.-based Cisco Systems, the largest maker of gear for directing Internet traffic.

The deal with IBM, finalized this month, lets Santa Clara, Calif.-based Airespace offer Wi-Fi systems to some of Big Blue’s corporate customers. Analysts said it is a big win for Airespace, which makes Wi-Fi systems and equipment. The company, which is backed by some $60 million in venture capital, is expected to go public.