BackupBuddy for Palm OS and Windows 2.0

Ever loose everything on your PDA all at once? Hey, it can happen. The key thing to remember however is that it does not have to end this way. If you employ the use of back-up software like BackupBuddy for Palm, you might just save yourself a major stroke as you discover your PDA decided to “eat” all of your contacts.

Palm OS developers have provided literally thousands of great options and enhancements for our devices. The best of these generally make someone’s “Essential” list at some point in time. One program perches atop Tanker Bob’s Essential list and has since his very first PDA BlueNomad’s BackupBuddy. No matter what happens to your PDA, BackupBuddy can have you up and running in minutes, even on a replacement device in the event of total destruction -No cliche intended- I cannot begin to count the number of times that BackupBuddy saved my bacon. When BlueNomad released this new version, I jumped right in without reservation.