The Jetart Xcool NP4000 Portable Notebook Cooler Review

For the most part, I do not get that excited about notebook cooling pads. However, the one being reviewed in this article did catch my attention for one specific reason, rechargeable batteries. That’s right, the Jetart Xcool NP4000 actually runs right from rechargeable batteries! I suppose for some of you this best the pads running right from your notebook’s USB ports.

Jetart Technology is a relative newcomer to the mainstream enthusiast market. They have been in the business since 1994 and have a wide variety of cooling-related products in their line-up. Among them include CPU coolers, HDD coolers, various kinds of chipset coolers and more.

In addition to marketing their products under their own Jetart brand name, Jetart also OEMs for companies like Vantec. So, don’t be surprised if you notice that Jetart’s products look familiarly like those from other companies.

Amongst Jetart’s range of products is their wide range of notebook coolers. To cater to different market segments, Jetart actually sells a total of SEVEN notebook coolers!