Viewsonic Takes to the Air

I was cruising through the latest issue (9/13/04) of CRN magazine when something caight my eye. Viewsonic is a well-known company, but outside of their tablet PC and PDA’s, they’re not a name that normally shows up in connection with a wireless lifestyle.

That’s about to change in a rather drastic way. They’ve released a good start at a line of Wi-Fi products that has the potential to make consumer-level wireless more than a 3-horse race. Netgear, D-Link, and Cisco/LinkSys will have to work that much harder to counter this new player. Viewsonic isn’t a new startup and has a widespread distribution network in place.

The products range from a pair of wireless braodband router/network attached storage (in 80 and 120 gig capacities) / print servers to a 125 Mbps Wi-Fi notebook adapter card. All of the products seem to be engineered to handle streaming broadband video and multimedia, which puts Viewsonic one step up on the rest of the pack in the new convergent home market.