Google headed the way of the dark side, a search engine tool oriented towards homosexual concerns (What? Really? Whoa!) has been taken offline by the big bad boys at Google. The site used Google’s search engine and the results thrown up were the same, but with a twist: they had ads. Revenue from these ads was supposed to be diverted to the ‘gay community’ for whatever charitable purpose.

Their efforts were blocked by a yet unposted e-mail from the search engine of doom claiming that because the Web site used the word ‘google’ in the address, it was violating their intellectual property rights. This is not, unfortunately, the first time that Google has gone after another search engine or meta-search engine. Booble, a site that claimed to be a ‘platform to comment on what men are doing on the Web’ was hunted down by the geeks of California back in January.

Fagoogle did make an attempt at getting Google to give them the yes or no answer before the official site release day. The company or random guy behind the idea was sent a link to Google’s T&Cs which, under the webmaster’s interpretation, Fagoogle wasn’t violating. Logically, because they weren’t in disregard of the list of demands, the webmasters at assumed they could proceed. See Fagoogle’s big, banned site, with a big, banned message here.