Slackware 10 Installed

I had messed around with Slackware in the past and really liked it, but I was having troubles getting on the internet with it so I dropped it and went on to Knoppix. Just recently I discovered why I was unable to get Slackware on the internet and that was due to a DNS entry.

So I quickly downloaded the first two iso’s and booted up the old machine and installed it on a recently updated linux box. I sure love it when people no longer want their old computers, because it sure helps me out on updating my old stuff here. I just keep moving the old parts to a different case to get another one up and running. I’m up to 5 computers now and none of em have the same operating system.

Anyway, Slack is up and running and it’s taking some getting use to after running Knoppix for so long. I’m still learning about Slackware everyday that I use it and one of the biggest things was having to get Swaret and install that. Swaret is nice, not as nice as apt-get tho. I’m hooked on apt-get for a package manager and I see there is a slapt-get available that I might have to try out.

Don’t worry I still have my main system dual booting Windows XP and Knoppix. I’ve been saying that I want to get Gentoo installed for a while now and maybe that will become computer #5.