True 30-bit picture output for the PC

If you are like me, getting the best picture on your PC is important, right? Well Tom’s Hardware has a great article that shows us how we can achieve a full 30-bit picture output on the PC. Reports do indicate that in order to actually display this 30 bit picture quality, you will need special hardware such as Matrox’s Parhelia products.

Software developer Ron Silvas says that a fairly simple technique has allowed him to display every color channel in 10-bit, with 1024 steppings for each channel. This increases the maximum amount of displayable colors in a picture to a staggering 1,073,741,824 (1024 x 1024 x1024). “Experts believe that the human eye can distinguish between 600 and 700 steppings within a color. This explains why steppings can be visible even in high-resolution 24-bit images. 30-bit is beyond that level, steppings are not visible anymore.” While 30-bit does not often provide a dramatic increase in picture quality for everyday applications, especially graphic artists can take advantage of this technology to approach a more perfect image with no noise and purer colors.