Quickly Saving E-mail Attachments

E-mail has become one of the most popular ways of communicating. Outlook and Outlook Express have also become two of the more popular e-mail clients in use. Now I’m always looking for ways to do things more efficiently (or even just differently) in Outlook. Here is a great little tip submitted by one of our readers.

If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express, you can save an attachment by using the Save Attachments command on the File menu. You can also attach a file to an outgoing e-mail by clicking Insert | File Attachment in Outlook Express and Insert | File in Outlook.

Alternately, instead of using the Save Attachments function, you can also click the attachment within the e-mail and drag it onto your desktop or into a specific folder. You can use the same process for attaching files to an outgoing message. Simply click the file you want to attach and drag it into the e-mail. Outlook and Outlook Express will automatically attach the file to your e-mail.