Brain waves control video game

Video games controlled without a controller? Is this some form of Voodoo or what? Nah, actually it is a new technology being developed by the MIT Media Lab Europe. The game this technology is setup to work with is called Mind Balance. Now as cool as this sounds, what happens when someone figures out how to do this in reverse? Think about it.

Mind Balance was demonstrated for the first time using a new wireless headset, at the MIT Media Lab Europe in Dublin last month.

The game could help researchers develop brain-computer interfaces for those with limited body movement.

But, said the team, it could find its way into future video games.

“It is absolutely a possibility,” Ed Lalor, research associate at the labs, told BBC News Online.

“If we can make this new wireless device that we have developed, the Cerebus, more aesthetically pleasing, a little bit smaller, that would make the device actually easier to put on and use.”