The Sims 2 Achieves Record Sales

Some really exciting news for The Sims 2 is exposed in this article on GameSpot. Some serious congratulations go out to Will Wright for creating a game that has set a phenomenal sales record of over 1 million copies sold, within 10 days. In the GameSpot article, Frank Gibeau, senior VP of Marketing at EA, was quoted as saying:

“The Sims franchise has become a cultural phenomenon and The Sims 2 is a game that changes the way we think about our industry.”

How incredibly true that is. What I find particularly interesting about the success story for the Sims is how Will Wright was initially denied the possibility of developing the game. The executives of Maxis, the development company for which Mr. Wright was employed, rejected his idea of a home sim for 6 years! For those interested, the history behind The Sims is detailed most painstakingly on the The Sim’s Stash Website. Will Wright persevered, however, and his brilliant brainchild is now the most successful game ever made. Again, congratulations Will!

I remember when I was manning a booth for one of the sponsors at the 2002 Online Worlds Fanfest, hosted by EA. At the event I got to meet Will Wright and get my picture taken with him. I truly treasure that photograph. I only wish that I could have spoken with him for a bit longer. Oh the things I could learn from such a mind…