GNOME: Near term development plans – help us fix bugs!

Calling all Gnome fans! No, I do not mean Lockergnome fans, obviously I already have your attention. No, I am referring to Gnome for Linux users. Looks like there are some bugs that the developers could use some input on. That is one thing I like about Linux in general, everybody gets to jump into the mix, not just the software developers. :o)

The Gnome 2.8 cycle had a fair amount of changes to Nautilus initially, but not that much stabilization and polish work after that. Due to this we would like to delay the branching of nautilus for some time and work on fixing bugs and do some polishing. There has been a while since we last focused on bugfixing, but the last time we did (after the 2.4 release) it helped a lot making nautilus a better product.