Ms. Pacman 2005 Released For The Pocket PC

As a Palm owner, I am the first to admit that it seems like Pocket PC owners have access to all of the best games. Take the release of Ms. Pacman 2005 for the Pocket PC as an example. Since I am a huge Pacman fan, this news both excites and disturbs me at the same time!

I have to admit that I kind of like the movement lately to port games from “long ago” to the Pocket PC. Usually, I have very fond, first-hand knowledge of the original arcade game, so it’s cool to be able to play them once again. Recently, an updated version of Ms. Pacman has been released for the Pocket PC.

If you’d like to give Ms. Pacman a try, you can download a free trial or buy the full version for $14.95 from the PocketGear site.