Wiki, Wiki, Wiki!

Microsoft have gone all-generous again by posting its source code for the collaboration tool named ‘FlexWiki.’ That is Open Source just in case you were getting ready to re-mortgage your house. They’ve also joined the rest of the lowly development monkeys and shock, posted it on Sourceforge instead of their own development land. This third little offering is also an application, a Wiki application. Now that you’ve caught your breath with the pure surprise of it all, let me explain.

Microsoft are encouraging you, yes you, to get down with the Redmond collaboration on their Wiki page. This site has been set up using the new freely available, modifiable and inherently great application of FlexWiki for a bit of online content development. Simple instructions are included on the one minute Wiki page, along with a friendly reminder that they are watching you via IP tracking. (For obvious reasons I would imagine.)
It seems to have garnered a bit of attention already, considering today was its launch date. Lots of folks bouncing around, posting random links and smileys just to see what they can and can’t do. Already they’ve discovered supposed problems with Mozilla, though, according to the same play pen person, not Firefox.

Wiki is a wonderful concept based on the idea that many web heads editing a page are far better than just one. The most famous Wiki, is probably ye old Wikipedia, which has recently attainted a million articles. I’m getting a serious warm fuzzy from Microsoft about all of this. It’s open source, very cool and extremely useful.

Even I had to jump on to the Play Page!