Xandros + Win4Lin = Winner

Gnomie Adrian Williams read yesterday’s post about a user’s Xandros experience, and he had this to add:

I’ve used Xandros for some months (used RH before that) and find Xandros easy to use. Haven’t had the problems that Mark Drone had with OO, mine works fine. The only caveat in my book is Crossover Office. It works and does everything it claims, but who wants to run MS Office with OO and IE and OE when you have Mozilla, et al. Crossover is too limited in the Windows apps it currently supports. Yes, that will change… but still an inconvenience. While we love Linux, there are usually MS apps that we need to run, in my case a copule of business apps that would run with Crossover. So I tried Win4Lin (available from the Xandros site – I think it’s about US$69 for Xandros users). With Win4Lin you install a licensed copy of Windows and this works brilliantly. Well worth the money.

I’ve converted a friend to Xandros (previously a Windows only user) and he loves it. Again, he has one or two apps that he needs that are Windows progs. He’ll go the Win4Lin way for sure.

The interesting thing about running Win4Lin and Windows, is that Windows seems far far more stable than when it runs in native mode on a computer.

Win4Lin is US$89.99 from the publisher, so if the price above is correct, it’s not a bad deal for Xandros users. By comparison, CrossOver Office desktop editions run US$39.95 for the standard version and US$74.95 for the pro version (US$84.95 for a CD of the latter). Note that CrossOver Office does not require a Windows OS license as Win4Lin does, but you will still need licenses for any software (ie, MS Office) you run with either package.