Bored? Watch the Xbox Channel

Are you a gamer? Are you bored with all of your games? Thinking of travelling outside to see if it’s true about there being a world out there? No need to be hasty. A leaked internal memo from Microsoft reveals information about new features for the next Xbox console available through an updated version of Xbox Live.

One of the new features is described as: “a spectator mode for many Xenon games, Xbox TV – with tickers at the bottom of the screen featuring recent high scores and game highlights, a tournament system, and tradable trophies.”

Serious gamers can prepare to stock up on 12-packs of Mountain Dew, nail their doors shut and remove the words “life”, “nature” and “romance” from their vocabularies. It’s game time!

Chefelf is a contributing author at Lance & Eskimo, the proud administrator of and a Head Moderator at Xbox-Scene. When he isn’t busy playing video games he is busy writing about them or thinking about them. He likes to think of this as “endearing” rather than “one dimensional”.