Beyond Good & Evil

Well here is another well done review that I wanted to share with you folks. The content of this review involves a game called Beyond Good & Evil. While I am the first to admit that adventure games are really not my thing, this games looks like it has the potential to change that opinion. Plot, game play, this game seems to be pushing the bar a bit.

You star as Jade, a sort of action journalist who lives on the planet Hyllis. Hyllis is an idyllic world populated by a half-dozen anthropomorphic races and, at the moment, happens to be under seige by the DomZ, an alien race apparently intent on wreaking havoc in surprise raids. Luckily, the people of Hyllis are protected by the Alpha Section, the military’s “best of the best,” who have instituted martial law in the wake of the devastating attacks. Unfortunately, the Alpha Section never seem to respond fast enough to ever stop any of them. After a DomZ attack on her home, Jade begins to suspect a government conspiracy, and, armed with her camera, sets out on a dangerous mission to uncover the truth.