Cyber-loafing boss sacks office spyware detective

“Can’t help thinking the wrong man got the bullet? You’re probably not the only one…

A man who became so frustrated at the extent of his boss’s ‘cyber-loafing’ has been sacked after he installed spyware on his employer’s computer to prove it was used for little more than game playing on a daily basis.

And while the aggrieved employee, Vernon Blake, did indeed prove that his boss, George Dobbs, spent, on average, 70 per cent of his time playing Solitaire, amazingly the only person seriously disciplined in the whole affair was Blake. He was sacked by the Alabama Department of Transport while Dobbs received little more than a written warning.

According to local newspaper the Montgomery Advertiser, the rather tame warning stated: “While your work ethic and your production are above reproach, management-level personnel must be mindful not to compromise their ability to manage subordinates.”

Blake was fired for installing WinSpy – a free piece of software which monitors the activity of any PC upon which it is installed.”