Going From Flash Pupil To Flash Master

Q: I’m extremely interested in working with Flash. I have been using it for a little while, and have learned most of the basic stuff. I was wondering if there is anywhere that I can go on the Internet to find Flash resources, such as graphics, music, interfaces, etc.

A: Flash can be a lot of fun to work with. You feel a real sense of accomplishment once you see your creation dance across the screen. Flash is not only being used to create Web animations – it’s also used to create animated shows! The versatility of the tool is tremendous, and by learning it, you’ll be equipped to deliver the content that a lot of companies want. Instead of creating your own Flash resources from scratch, you can find a collection of helpful tools on your home away from home – the Internet.

Flash Kit is a popular destination for the Flash fanatic. It contains lots of tools to help you create cutting edge content. Tutorials, fonts, images, and sound loops can all be found here. When you run into a brick wall, you can ask the community of users for help. Make this site one of your first stops when you desire Flash resources.

Swftools is another site that’s worth a look. Most of the tools featured here are not for use in Flash; instead, they create their own Flash content. With that said, you’ll still find some helpful resources that you can use with your own Flash animations. You can also gain some inspiration by looking through their Flash site gallery. Learn from what works well, and what doesn’t.

This all just goes to show that once you have the right tools, you can really do some amazing things.

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