Opportunity Rings

Ah yes, those annoying text ads will be popping up more and more thanks to sneaky advertisers. Apparently they are under the misguided belief that people have no problem with receiving ads on their mobile phones. Forbes reports that Snapple is just one of the advertisers that will be taking on this type of ad campaign. Even though I disapprove of these types of ads, it does look like the key to success with this sort of thing is to offer some kind of contest or something else similar to keep a person’s interest.

This past summer 25,000 consumers, aged 18 to 24, received short text messages on their cell phones alerting them to numbers on 225 million bottle caps of Snapple iced tea, pink lemonade and the like. People holding a winning number, announced by text message and traditional media, landed overseas trips and walk-on parts on TV shows.

An annoyance to cell phone users? Maybe not. A third of the respondents went on to buy a Snapple beverage. Twenty-four percent sent a message back to Cadbury Schweppes, the brand owner, requesting more information. Fourteen percent even forwarded the message to friends. That, at least, is according to the creator of the campaign, a company called Enpocket.