Fact Monster

Knowledge is power. That’s a simple statement, but it has a lot of meaning. Don’t we usually tend to respect people that have a lot of knowledge about things? These individuals didn’t just wake up one day and know all of this information. Instead, they had to diligently work hard to get a grasp on all the facts. Kids today should also appreciate the fact that knowledge is power. Without it, you’re Paris Hilton. When you’re young, your brain is just ready and willing to learn all that it can. If you’re ready to give it its annual feeding, check out Fact Monster.

This site has a very kid-friendly appearance, but it doesn’t mean that adults won’t be interested in the content, as well. I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll learn something along the way, too. If you need to brush up on anything from science to geography, here’s where you can do it. An atlas, almanac, dictionary, and encyclopedia are also available. The games and quizzes featured on the site will help to make learning fun for the kids. You may have to bribe your children to visit an educational site like this in the beginning, but they may eventually start visiting it out of their own free will.