The Magic Word Is Consistency

I’m repeatedly asked to assist customers in producing large documents
in Microsoft Word. In particular, we have several groups who produce
printed books and e-books for the US Air Force. The key to making
these kinds of documents easier to work with is consistency. When
using a master/subdocument routine to collect chapters by multiple
authors, it is essential to supply the authors with the same template
that will be used for the master document. This way, they have all
the formatting and style settings available. This allows a table of
contents to be automatically generated and updated based on styles.

Should an author not have the correct template or modify the supplied
template, if they are consistent in how they use and/or modify the
document’s styles, it is a simple matter to use the Formatting Task
Pane to quickly replace their styles with the correct ones.

Simply locate one instance of the style you wish to change or correct.
Place the insertion point in that line of text and turn on the
Formatting Task Pane (View, Task Pane, and use the drop down arrow
next to the Task Pane title to change to Formatting). You will see an
option “Select all ## instances.” Once you have used the “Select all”
option, you simply click once on the correct style to change all these
incorrect styles to the correct style. [Betty Law-Morgan]