Wintuneup Pro

As I write this, my kitchen sink is perilously overflowing with dirty dishes, my living room is a minefield of tufts of cat hair, errant shoes, socks, remote controls, DVDs, CDs, textbooks, magazines, and other eyesores, my washroom is covered in fake gorilla fur from a costume I wore to a party the other night, and my bedroom is, well, a place where I wouldn’t dare close my eyes long enough to sleep. Simply put, it’s an utter mess. But there’s now at least one place in my glamorous Hollywood apartment that has recovered from the ravages of clutter entropy, and that’s my computer. Thanks, Wintuneup Pro!

Multiple, years-old duplicate versions of files squatting on my hard drive (from its days of residing on an old PC) have been evicted into oblivion. The fat has been trimmed from my CPU usage to keep the old thing chugging along at a decent clip. Junk files have been sorted and exorcised with merciless efficiency. Pesky installments that began on bootup without my permission have been thrown out of sight to serve my needs only when I specifically call upon them – no sooner! My Internet connection was analyzed and settings were reconfigured for a proper balance of resources. For security, optimization, configuration, analysis, and overall positive performance overhaul, I’ve found Wintuneup Pro to be the most affordable utility this side of getting a new computer. [Free Trial | Buy Directly]