Alien Hominid: Coming to a Console Near You

Creators of the hit web-based game, Alien Hominid, have announced that they are bringing a souped up version of their hit game to consoles. The game, which has been downloaded more than six million times, has previously only been available on the web. The game was entirely coded in Flash and used hand drawn graphics. Its style is a callback the 2D side scrollers of yesteryear.

The game is going to be an update of the Flash version rather than a straight port to consoles. The game will retain a lot of the original style and concept while being updated for consoles.

The original was a Flash game, but we made this new version from scratch! We brought back the bosses from the web version, although they have been re-drawn and re-programmed. Everything is much, much better and the game is much longer. You can read more about the game on this site!

When asked why they made the game 2D rather than 3D:

As explained in our Gamespot interview, we experimented with a variety of alien renderings. We first approached the console version with a really slick looking 3D version of the alien, however the feel of the original was completely lost. We decided to stick with cartoon renderings. Our next attempt was a 3D cell-shaded alien, but it looked like everything else on the market. Ultimately, hand-drawn was the only way to maintain the kinetic energy of the characters and connect the individual artists to the gamer. 3D can’t capture the magic of hand-illustrated, hand-animated characters.

New publisher, O~3 Entertainment, will be publishing the game which will be released exclusively in North America. O~3 Entertainment is a new game publisher led by Bill Gardner, former President of Capcom North America. The game will be coming to GameCube and Playstation 2 this fall.

To play the original version of Alien Hominid, click here.

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