Admin Script Editor

As a Windows administrator, you may be required to write targeted scripts for any number of the computers that you oversee. If you’re familiar with most of the general purpose scripting tools out there, you’ll notice that the majority of them just don’t offer what you want. Who wants to use complicated and bloated software when they could be using a tool more targeted to their needs? Administrators… your time has come. Admin Script Editor is a scripting tool designed primarily for you – the administrator.

Because of its direct user focus, you won’t find an interface filled with useless junk. This editor contains exactly what you need in order to get the job done. Whether you use VBScript or KiXtart, you’ll find support for these languages, and a couple more. The program works very well, and should satisfy you immensely. Don’t think for one moment that Admin Script Editor skimps out on the features, because it doesn’t. You’ll be thankful for features such as ScriptSense and Code Debugging, both of which will save you time, and make your project development process much easier. Once you’ve finished your script, Admin Script Editor gives you the ability to package it as a secure EXE file for distribution. From beginning to end, all you’ll need for your scriptwriting is this tool.

The Admin Script Editor Web site also deserves a mention. On it you’ll find a script library and resources for the languages. You can also take part in the forum to find answers to your script questions, and to help other administrators out.

If you’re ready to give the editor a test, visit the site to download the 45-day evaluation version. It’s fully functional with the exception of the Script Packager utility, which is available to registered users. If you come to find that you can’t live without this software, purchase it for only US$99. You’ll also get one year of upgrade protection with your purchase.