Fujitsu Puts New Spin on Convertible LifeBook T Series Tablet PC

My mom has an old Fujitsu LifeBook notebook PC. Great product, has been a real gem despite its aging. Well, Fujitsu has come out with the next generation of portable PCs with their Convertible LifeBook T Series Tablet. One minute it is a notebook, the next it is a Tablet PC!

Fujitsu Computer Systems today demonstrated its expertise in tablet computing with the introduction of its second-generation convertible, the LifeBook® T4000 Tablet PC. Among its most notable enhancements is an integrated modular bay, which can accommodate a Multi-Format DVD Writer, second battery or weight saver. Other updates include a new display with a 180-degree viewing angle, a faster processor, dual microphones with noise cancellation, Bluetooth® wireless technology and advanced security features.
“Over the years, we’ve learned that it’s the little things that make a world of difference for our customers,” said Paul Moore, director of mobile product marketing for Fujitsu Computer Systems. “We analyze usage patterns, pay close attention to customer and analyst feedback, and make slight adjustments that make a big impact. This truly is an outstanding product.”