New Media iPod In The Works

Earlier today, I was reading a Think Secret article that focused on Apple’s
new 60-gig iPod, which is currently in the works. From what I have heard, it
will have a color LCD and the capability of photos. How neat is that? I
personally will stick to my 40 gigs since I just bought it a few months ago.

“The 2-inch color screen is identical in size to other iPods, but will sport
a higher resolution for photo viewing. However, the new device’s real
shining feature will be its video-out port, which will enable users to tote
their photo galleries with them, ready to be plugged into any television for
big-screen viewing.

“The 60GB iPod will feature only rudimentary built-in software for viewing
photos, with no editing tools, sources say. Photo albums will be navigated
in a similar fashion to music playlists, and a slideshow feature will
provide transitions with user-specified background music, similar to iPhoto.
Synchronizing features similar to iTunes will also be added to iPhoto.

“The new iPod will not feature built-in flash memory stick slots for
downloading photos from digital cameras, although such a feature will
presumably be able to be employed through Belkin’s $99 Media Reader.

“Sources indicate that Apple will market the new photo iPod as being capable
of storing 20,000 music tracks and 25,000 photos. As an added bonus for
music fans, album artwork will be displayed on screen when it’s available
for a selected track. [Continued…]”