Messiah, the game?

I have seen some strange game concepts, especially in the sim world arena. Yet, to play the part of an angel sent on a mission by God, now that is just odd. Ran across a review for a video game called “Messiah” which I discuss at length on my own Web site. Sounds interesting enough, but is this an indication that gaming is beginning to poke at religion a little bit? I do not mean in a bad way of course, but to send an angel named Bob to Earth to “clean things up a little”. It all seems too silly to be taken seriously, then again the gaming world seldom is I suppose.

Enter Messiah the game. Now before you folks starts throwing nasty comments at me, let me explain how this works. According to the review provided by “DrJones”, you are roll playing an angel called “Bob”. It seems that God has decided in his infinite wisdom to send Bob to Earth in order to clean up the mess known as society. Personally, I think it would require a lot more than just one “Bob” to clean up this crazy world. Then again, God likes to keep things pretty simple. Don’t believe me, just take his angel naming into consideration and you will see my point.