How Can I Record Streaming Video?

Q: I stream a lot of video content while I’m on the Internet. I enjoy watching news stories and other assorted video feeds. It’s great to watch these things one time, but I would really like to archive them for later viewing. I would particularly like to know about tools that record Windows Media content, seeing as that’s the format I usually view.

A: As if streaming audio wasn’t enough, we also have full video feeds that we can watch while we surf the Internet. Isn’t this stuff great? For those of us on broadband, streaming video has changed the way we use the Web. Information usually has a far deeper impact when you’re able to watch it. We all come across video content that we wish we could keep, but if you don’t have a stream recorder, you’re not going to get anywhere fast.

A couple of products for Windows Media recording have been suggested to me. You’d do well to check out WM Recorder (Free Trial – US$29.95) and Web Stream Recorder (Free Trial – US$19.95).

What products do you like to use to record streaming video? Send me your favorite suggestions, and I’ll try to feature a few of them in a future edition of the Gnewbie Gnook.

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